Frequently Asked Questions

What level of English should I be at?
To benefit, you need to be at intermediate level or better.
How is the course organised?

The course comprises 4 Webinars.

Each Webinar has 5 – 13 Lessons; there are 34 lessons in total.

Each Lesson is 5-10 minutes long.


Please see the course on our subscription site or  see the course on Udemy

How long can I keep the course?

You have access to the course for as long as you choose on our subscription site (annual subscription or lifetime access) or can purchase on Udemy.

How is my progress through the course organised?


It is my pleasure to recommend this cultivated young man as a drama teacher and vocal coach having seen and enjoyed his work in recent times. Glen was my assistant on a recent workshop of my latest play and I watched him as he approached his craft with care and precision. I have little doubt that his teaching and guidance can only be of immense benefit to our profession.

Steven Berkoff

Actor, author, playwright, theatre practitioner and theatre director, (photo:

Glen McCready is one of the 3 experts who recorded the sound files for my Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. It includes a sound file of every entry in the dictionary – nearly 100,000 words and phrases.

Glen demonstrated that he had been well trained phonetically, and could follow the phonetic transcriptions accurately. He was fully competent to achieve what we needed; his skills as a voice teacher are underpinned by a solid training in phonetics.

John Wells

Professor Emeritus, University College London

TIP : If you are searching for a British accent dictionary, you can find the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary here on Amazon

I ran a department of the BBC World Service, BBC English, for about 10 years, and we made programmes to teach English by television,  for countries around the world.

One of my first and best actors was Glen McCready - his comedy rendition of "chef trapped in the refrigerator" lives in my memory! I then set up my own company,  EFS TV , continuing the same work and adding audio and radio recording for the same purpose, and I've continued to work with Glen for the past 20 years.

He is a most charming, good-natured, reliable, inventive and totally credible actor and reader of scripts. As world-wide clients need precision of pronunciation and diction for their students, I have come to rely on Glen more and more.

He also gives extra value in the studio, as he is eagle eyed on script errors and inconsistencies, and is a reliable advisor on current usage, grammar, ELT standards, and other issues that arise.

His diction is immaculate, and he has boundless stamina for what can seem like endless scripts. I have the greatest pleasure in endorsing this talented man, as actor, reader, and teacher.

Peter Walton

Former executive producer BBC World service / Managing Director EFS TV Production Ltd / Managing Director Motivation Sound.

Glen was an outstanding student of mine at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in the early 1990’s when I was Head of Voice, and I’ve watched his career evolve as a first-class Voice-over Artist, and as a consummate Actor.

Now I’m thrilled to mentor and observe another aspect of Glen’s evolutionary creative capacity - that being Voice Mastery and the teaching of the vocal arts.

If you are looking for something special, in other words if you’re seeking a Voice Expert who has style, dynamism, flair, and immense compassion – Glen is your man.

And it’s my special pleasure to see him achieve this and to hear his voice like a meteor lighting up the skies of success with such ease.

Stewart Pearce – Master of Voice & Presence Coach

Margaret Thatcher said: “Stewart brings together the craft of voice & the art of persona as powerful instruments of human integrity.”

Glen is the consummate professional and I thoroughly enjoy working with him on our VO recordings. Alongside Glen's polished and considered performance, it is clear that Glen researches the character and context, fully taking onboard reference material, direction and script notes. Glen offers ideas and feedback on the script, which really tunes and rounds out the character depth, nuance and accuracy.

Glen's recording setup also means that remote sessions are both efficient and high quality - we've been extremely happy with both the performance and the technical quality of the recordings.

I would work with Glen again in a heartbeat.

Jon Newman

Audio Director, Inflexion Games

I was fortunate enough to be Head of Drama at Brighton College at the time when Glen joined the Sixth Form. His boundless energy and appetite for creative work led to our putting on an unprecedented number of plays over 2 years, all in their different ways memorable.

His charm, good humour and instinctive sense of stagecraft ensured that he marked himself out as one to watch, in roles from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? to Black Comedy to The Pirates of Penzance to Pygmalion.

In fact, as Professor Higgins he convincingly displayed the same skills as a voice coach that he is seeking to do now in his professional life, though I am sure in a more patient and persuasive, less threatening manner!

If you want to be encouraged to master the possibilities of your own voice in conveying the spoken word, in fact to believe in your own capabilities, then Glen is your man!

Simon Smith

Formerly Second Master, Brighton College

I have worked with Glen on many projects over the years and he has proved time and again his mastery of the spoken word.

But he is also highly skilled in helping others understand the whyswherefores and most important, the hows of our complex language, that we take so for granted and in that I think he has few peers.

I’ve no doubt that your time with Glen will be highly beneficial and leave you with the confidence in your spoken English that you seek.

Robbie Stevens

Artistic Director, Sayit AB, English Productions

I am Dharmendra Sheth from Surat, Gujarat, India. I have studied, and also taught, phonetics and phonology to non-native learners of English at a local university here.

However, as a non-native user of English, I am always a little unsure about the finer aspects of pronunciation. Luckily I came across your course. I have been learning English pronunciation via your course for more than a month now, and I am about to complete it. I must say your course is immensely helpful to me. It has excellent audio and video quality and ample practice material.

You don't know how much your course has helped me. By just listening to you and copying, my vocal problem has been solved to a great extent. Now I can speak for hours without straining my vocal chords. Plus my English "sounds" English, according to my friends and colleagues!

Dharmendra Sheth

Teacher,, Surat, India

I'm from North Pole, Alaska.  I registered for webinars so that I could improve my British accent for future voice acting gigs and local stage productions.  I have enjoyed the lessons very much!  I include them as part of my vocal warm-ups, when I'm preparing for a stage role or a British character in a novel.  I'm currently narrating the classic British novel "Jane Eyre," by Charlotte Bronte, and I finally have the confidence to record the entire story, using a British accent.  I have recommended this course to all my actor friends.  Thanks, Mr. McCready, for making these webinars available to us lazy-speaking Americans!

Lorri Heneveld

Actor, singer, and audiobook narrator

Glen is the best kind of teacher - passionate and enthusiastic, and he also knows his subject inside out. He really cares about the spoken word and he really cares about the people he teaches. Learning from him was easy; now, instead of feeling lost and at sea, I feel confident and raring to go. Glen is a master of the spoken word, and a wonderful teacher.

Gabrielle Bradshaw

TV Presenter, Artist, Actor