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"This English pronunciation course gives you everything you need to learn - and maintain - excellent speech".


“Why Did I Create The Voice & Speech Toolkit? “

Hi! I’m Glen McCready – For over 20 years I have worked as a professional actor, presenter and voiceover artist.

In recent years, more and more people have been asking me to coach them, because they feel the way they speak has been holding them back and limiting their chances, both professionally and personally.

Those people include lawyers, doctors, TV broadcasters, actors, executives, public speakers – people from all over the world, of all nationalities – who, just like you, simply wanted to make their spoken English as good and effective as possible.

Now it’s time to share my knowledge online. The Voice & Speech Toolkit is a course of 38 easy-to-follow video lessons that you keep forever – take a look now, and try it for free! 


Glen McCready is one of the 3 experts who recorded the sound files for my Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. It includes a sound file of every entry in the dictionary – nearly 100,000 words and phrases.

Glen demonstrated that he had been well trained phonetically, and could follow the phonetic transcriptions accurately. He was fully competent to achieve what we needed; his skills as a voice teacher are underpinned by a solid training in phonetics.

John Wells

Professor Emeritus, University College London

TIP : If you are searching for a British accent dictionary, you can find the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary here on Amazon

I am Dharmendra Sheth from Surat, Gujarat, India. I have studied, and also taught, phonetics and phonology to non-native learners of English at a local university here.

However, as a non-native user of English, I am always a little unsure about the finer aspects of pronunciation. Luckily I came across your course. I have been learning English pronunciation via your course for more than a month now, and I am about to complete it. I must say your course is immensely helpful to me. It has excellent audio and video quality and ample practice material.

You don't know how much your course has helped me. By just listening to you and copying, my vocal problem has been solved to a great extent. Now I can speak for hours without straining my vocal chords. Plus my English "sounds" English, according to my friends and colleagues!

Dharmendra Sheth

Teacher,, Surat, India

I'm from North Pole, Alaska.  I registered for webinars so that I could improve my British accent for future voice acting gigs and local stage productions.  I have enjoyed the lessons very much!  I include them as part of my vocal warm-ups, when I'm preparing for a stage role or a British character in a novel.  I'm currently narrating the classic British novel "Jane Eyre," by Charlotte Bronte, and I finally have the confidence to record the entire story, using a British accent.  I have recommended this course to all my actor friends.  Thanks, Mr. McCready, for making these webinars available to us lazy-speaking Americans!

Lorri Heneveld

Actor, singer, and audiobook narrator

Glen is the best kind of teacher - passionate and enthusiastic, and he also knows his subject inside out. He really cares about the spoken word and he really cares about the people he teaches. Learning from him was easy; now, instead of feeling lost and at sea, I feel confident and raring to go. Glen is a master of the spoken word, and a wonderful teacher.

Gabrielle Bradshaw

TV Presenter, Artist, Actor

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Glen’s Speech Coaching Biography

An honours graduate of the celebrated Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (1906-2006), Glen trained in voice and speech under Michael Griffiths, Caryll Ziegler and Stewart Pearce (Head of Voice at Webber and later Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for Mark Rylance).

Glen was Webber’s Acting Head of Voice for a time and then subsequently established his own Voice Department at The London Drama School. He works almost full-time as an actor and voice artist – but when time allows he loves the chance to return to voice and speech training.

In addition to his numerous acting students, Glen has coached celebrities, CEOs, newsreaders, presenters, GPs and lawyers. His great passion is accent modification. Not, he stresses, the “removal” of a person’s often unique and beautiful native accent, but rather, teaching an additional, neutral and more universal British English accent which can be adopted whenever required.

His goal: for his students to be able to move back and forth between accents as easily as Richard Burton would move from his native Welsh language or accent to a clear, expressive and muscular classical RP.

Glen teaches all aspects of voice and speech, he can work to correct speech faults and can help actors acquire new accents. He is fluent in phonetics (the IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet) which is why he was one of the voices selected to record the guide pronunciations for the “Longman Pronunciation Dictionary” working with its editor Professor J C Wells.