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The Secrets of Great Speech Revealed!

TheSpeechCoach.pro reveals the secrets of clear, eloquent, impactful speech and practical phonetics – as taught in U.K. drama schools for decades.

This course started life as a 30 minute listen-and-repeat CD recorded to enable all my private students to work independently from me as quickly as possible, not to mention saving them serious money into the bargain. Demand for my classes was so high that it was the only way I could work with all those who needed my help.

The course is a much extended distillation of everything that I learned as a student under Stewart Pearce, Caryll Ziegler and Michael Griffiths at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art where I trained from 1988-91, graduating with honours. It furthermore includes all the adaptations and discoveries that I have made throughout my 25+ years of experience teaching voice and speech – a teaching career that all began when I was invited back to Webber Douglas to cover for the then Head of Voice, Caryll Ziegler.

The course functions as a voice and speech maintenance kit, carefully designed to maximise the impact of each and every spoken word.

It is also a full introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet, or IPA, all taught using the framework of the Neutral Standard (British) English accent – sometimes also known as Received Pronunciation or RP.

Why learn NSE and the IPA?

Actors learn NSE both to acquire the classical actor’s neutral accent and also to give them a foundation in all accent learning since the phonetics of NSE can be reconfigured to reproduce all the other world accents once the English language is spoken.

Professional people learn NSE to overcome or side step accent prejudice.

Accent prejudice is a very complicated and nuanced phenomenon. It is not only linked to class prejudice. If you consider an accent as having its own musical melody, it is totally understandable – and forgivable – for people to much prefer one melody to many, many others. People can also associate a particular accent with someone they dislike – perhaps, like a very good friend of mine, they once saw a horror movie and the terrifying baddie had, say, a beautiful Welsh lilt!

A high flying corporate client of mine wanted accent softening – not because she had anything against her wonderful Lancashire brogue, but because she was sick and tired of business associates constantly wanting to waste her limited and valuable time with tedious questions about what part of Yorkshire she was from!

Whatever your reason for taking my course, whether for accent softening or for a greater mastery of the spoken word, I hope that you will have as much fun working through it as I had creating it!

“If you’d like to totally transform the way you speak, then I can help. If you’re self-conscious, if you lack confidence, or if you’re embarrassed by the way you speak, my voice and speech toolkit is for you.”

Thank you, Mr. McCready for giving me back my voice and my confidence, for single-handedly teaching me how to communicate again, and for giving me back my dreams.


– Desirae C. E. Braukman, The Bubblicious Genius

“Why Did I Create TheSpeechCoach.pro? “

“There is no other index of someone’s character so keen as their voice.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Hello! I am Glen McCready and I have been a speech, voice and acting coach ever since my teaching career began at the turn of the century when I was invited to return to my old drama school, The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, to stand in for my great friend, the extraordinary, endlessly inspiring Head of Voice, Caryll Ziegler.

Caryll trained me alongside Hilary Wood, Michael Griffiths and Stewart Pearce – who was my own Head of Voice throughout my Webber training and later was Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre alongside Mark Rylance. Stewart also famously trained Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana and he remains a very dear, valued friend and colleague to this day.

As well as all my coaching work with actors and aspiring actors, I have brought specialist drama school speech and voice training techniques into the corporate, professional and wider worlds – working with everyone from GPs, lawyers, CEOs, broadcasters, tax inspectors, business high fliers to even the odd politician. But then aren’t they all? Kidding! Just kidding!

In tandem with all my teaching is my ongoing and extensive work as an actor and voice actor – that is, as a professional “PRO” speaker and practitioner.

Stage work includes: Eddie in Blood Brothers (West End), Sgt Trotter in The Mousetrap (West End), Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Eye), Son in A Voyage Round My Father (Southwold) and Richard Burton in Steven Berkoff’s CORPSE (London Pleasance Theatre & Upstairs at the Gatehouse Theatre, Highgate).

Film & Television includes: Jack in Above the Clouds, Signor in Russell T Davies’ Years and Years, Henry Bowater in Hotel Portofino, Boss in Office Romance 2.0, Arthur Symons in Casanova’s Love Letters and Manager in The Value of Hard Work.

I have narrated upwards of 200 audiobooks (five times a recipient of the American Audiofile Magazine’s Earphones Award), appeared in numerous audio dramas – most recently as Richard Burton in Steven Berkoff’s CORPSE, voiced countless characters in groundbreaking video games including creating the role of the Harry Potter character Zygmunt Budge, “the wizarding world’s most powerful potioneer” and inventor of Felix Felicis or Liquid Luck, in J K Rowling’s Wonderbook: Book of Potions. Other games include: Robinson: The Journey, Strange Brigade, Sniper Elite: Zombie Army Trilogy, Sniper Elite: Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Total War: Warhammer III, SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest, Layers of Fear 2, The Pillars of the Earth, Blackguards, Blackguards 2, Evil Genius 2, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Episodes 1-4 and has spent the last 4 years voicing and motion-capturing 21 characters in a forthcoming epic fantasy RPG.

Documentary narrations include: Van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing, Easter in Art, Leonardo: The Works, The Impressionists: Exhibition in Screen, Rembrandt: From the National Gallery, London and The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Our Universe 3D, Egypt 3D and Sharks 3D.

Animation voice acting includes: Dragon Rider, Trojan Horace, Breaking Ground and Herb’s Rubbish Day Out.

I have provided numerous commercial voiceovers for clients in the U.K., all over Europe and America.

I work extensively as a voice in the education sector – particularly in English as a foreign language recordings. These require a solid grounding in phonetics and the ability to speak either with no accent at all – or with many! Clients include: Cambridge University Press, Pearson Education, Longman, Oxford University Press, Heinemann, Richmond, Sanoma and many more.

Corporate narration clients include: Barclays Bank, VOLVO, Royal Bank of Scotland, PWC and many more.

TheSpeechCoach.pro started its life as a listen-and-repeat CD which I would give to my many, many one-to-one students so that they could work independently of me as quickly as possible – thus saving them a great deal of money and freeing me up to work with as many more people as I possibly could.

Over the years, I have steadily scaled up that original CD recording into the course it is today – TheSpeechCoach.pro – comprising all the many secrets of great, impactful speech and practical phonetics, as taught to actors and professional speakers for at least the last hundred years – but which has been sadly unavailable in schools and to almost everyone else outside of expensive specialist private tuition.

With the recent very exciting and long overdue drive to introduce “oracy” and speech training to the national curriculum – to counter the insidious rise of countless essays written by Chat GPT! – there has never been a better time to brush up your own spoken eloquence and get ahead of the curve!

Don’t let your kids‘ soon-to-be-acquired knockout interview, public speaking and debating skills put your own to shame!

TheSpeechCoach.pro is, at long last, the democratisation of speech training!

Start work with me at TheSpeechCoach.pro today! Who knows? You may even enjoy it! Confession: “fun” is a component of the course that I have endeavoured to make ever-present. So many of us, when given a choice of either “doing a bit of public speaking” or “death” only half-jokingly opt for the latter.

A little speech knowledge, cannily applied, goes a long, long way and can be utterly transformative – boosting confidence levels into the stratosphere and making people feel they’ve been made anew -like a totally new person. I know. I’ve seen it happen – time and time and time again. This is why I have never, ever tired of teaching even after all these years.

The magic of great speech weaves its spell just as strongly on me as it does on anyone else – a great story, compellingly told, remains as irresistible today as it was when the first ever words were spoken!

“The written word goes from the eye to the brain. The spoken word goes from the ear to the heart.”

Happy speaking!



It is my pleasure to recommend this cultivated young man as a drama teacher and vocal coach having seen and enjoyed his work in recent times. Glen was my assistant on a recent workshop of my latest play and I watched him as he approached his craft with care and precision. I have little doubt that his teaching and guidance can only be of immense benefit to our profession.

Steven Berkoff

Actor, author, playwright, theatre practitioner and theatre director, (photo: philipphumm.art)

I was very fortunate to have the aid of The Speech Coach.pro when I needed it most. So, the least I can do is raise awareness of it and how it has helped me so it can also help you and anyone you know.

Back in 2020, a semi-truck driver nearly took my life. I have struggled and fought but even after all the medical professionals' efforts, along with my own, I was still left with seizures and the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury that left me with incomprehensible speech.

Fast-forward to 2023, Larian Studios released the now renowned and multi-award winning video game: Baldur’s Gate 3. My first moment with this game was meeting Zevlor who is a character that Mr. McCready voices. Listening to this character speak was so mesmerizing to me. It was so clear, eloquent and powerful. I remember crying myself to sleep that night, wishing more than anything that I could speak even remotely like that.

Later on I found Mr. McCready on Twitter and noticed something called: TheSpeechCoach.pro on his profile. I had no idea what that was so I typed it into YouTube and the first video that popped up for me was: Perfect Your British English Accent – The Speech Coach.pro

These words changed my entire life forever (and that’s not hyperbole!):
“If you’d like to totally transform the way you speak, then I can help. If you’re self-conscious, if you lack confidence, or if you’re embarrassed by the way you speak, my voice and speech toolkit is for you.”

I do not believe I have ever bought something so fast in all my life. They had a free trial but the price they were asking for the full course was so affordable that I still, to this day, feel like I should have paid more. I never even realized just how tight my jaw was until I did the Project Your Voice - Warm Up Video and was amazed at just how much that helped me right off the bat.

After taking the course, and even though I have to go back to it every now and again after seizures to reinforce my learning, I feel exponentially more confident in not only my speech but also in myself. And that, is priceless.

It’s amazing how far I have come in just a few months. I now run a fandom community server that I speak with frequently. I’m not afraid to pick up the phone or call someone when I need to. I can even sing now and have a dream to one day, conditions permitting, perform at my local theater.

So if you have the time I encourage you to take this course; even if it’s just for fun. I had an absolute blast taking it and, even if I had not had the speech problems I did, I would buy it all over again; just because it’s that much of a useful tool to have.

Thank you, Mr. McCready and The SpeechCoach.pro for giving me back my voice and my confidence, for single-handedly teaching me how to communicate again, and for giving me back my dreams.

Desirae C. E. Braukman

The Bubblicious Genius

Glen McCready is one of the 3 experts who recorded the sound files for my Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. It includes a sound file of every entry in the dictionary – nearly 100,000 words and phrases.

Glen demonstrated that he had been well trained phonetically, and could follow the phonetic transcriptions accurately. He was fully competent to achieve what we needed; his skills as a voice teacher are underpinned by a solid training in phonetics.

John Wells

Professor Emeritus, University College London

TIP : If you are searching for a British accent dictionary, you can find the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary here on Amazon

I ran a department of the BBC World Service, BBC English, for about 10 years, and we made programmes to teach English by television,  for countries around the world.

One of my first and best actors was Glen McCready - his comedy rendition of "chef trapped in the refrigerator" lives in my memory! I then set up my own company,  EFS TV , continuing the same work and adding audio and radio recording for the same purpose, and I've continued to work with Glen for the past 20 years.

He is a most charming, good-natured, reliable, inventive and totally credible actor and reader of scripts. As world-wide clients need precision of pronunciation and diction for their students, I have come to rely on Glen more and more.

He also gives extra value in the studio, as he is eagle eyed on script errors and inconsistencies, and is a reliable advisor on current usage, grammar, ELT standards, and other issues that arise.

His diction is immaculate, and he has boundless stamina for what can seem like endless scripts. I have the greatest pleasure in endorsing this talented man, as actor, reader, and teacher.

Peter Walton

Former executive producer BBC World service / Managing Director EFS TV Production Ltd / Managing Director Motivation Sound.

Glen was an outstanding student of mine at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in the early 1990’s when I was Head of Voice, and I’ve watched his career evolve as a first-class Voice-over Artist, and as a consummate Actor.

Now I’m thrilled to mentor and observe another aspect of Glen’s evolutionary creative capacity - that being Voice Mastery and the teaching of the vocal arts.

If you are looking for something special, in other words if you’re seeking a Voice Expert who has style, dynamism, flair, and immense compassion – Glen is your man.

And it’s my special pleasure to see him achieve this and to hear his voice like a meteor lighting up the skies of success with such ease.

Stewart Pearce – Master of Voice & Presence Coach

Margaret Thatcher said: “Stewart brings together the craft of voice & the art of persona as powerful instruments of human integrity.”

Glen is the consummate professional and I thoroughly enjoy working with him on our VO recordings. Alongside Glen's polished and considered performance, it is clear that Glen researches the character and context, fully taking onboard reference material, direction and script notes. Glen offers ideas and feedback on the script, which really tunes and rounds out the character depth, nuance and accuracy.

Glen's recording setup also means that remote sessions are both efficient and high quality - we've been extremely happy with both the performance and the technical quality of the recordings.

I would work with Glen again in a heartbeat.

Jon Newman

Audio Director, Inflexion Games

I was fortunate enough to be Head of Drama at Brighton College at the time when Glen joined the Sixth Form. His boundless energy and appetite for creative work led to our putting on an unprecedented number of plays over 2 years, all in their different ways memorable.

His charm, good humour and instinctive sense of stagecraft ensured that he marked himself out as one to watch, in roles from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? to Black Comedy to The Pirates of Penzance to Pygmalion.

In fact, as Professor Higgins he convincingly displayed the same skills as a voice coach that he is seeking to do now in his professional life, though I am sure in a more patient and persuasive, less threatening manner!

If you want to be encouraged to master the possibilities of your own voice in conveying the spoken word, in fact to believe in your own capabilities, then Glen is your man!

Simon Smith

Formerly Second Master, Brighton College

I have worked with Glen on many projects over the years and he has proved time and again his mastery of the spoken word.

But he is also highly skilled in helping others understand the whyswherefores and most important, the hows of our complex language, that we take so for granted and in that I think he has few peers.

I’ve no doubt that your time with Glen will be highly beneficial and leave you with the confidence in your spoken English that you seek.

Robbie Stevens

Artistic Director, Sayit AB, English Productions

If you aspire to speak authentic, beautiful English put yourself in the hands of Glen McCready at TheSpeechCoach.pro. His is the standard to aspire to.

Celebrate the Language of Shakespeare.

Hilary Wood

Head of Acting, The Lir, Trinity College Dublin

I have known Glen for fifteen years, and worked with him on audiobooks and radio dramas, as well as seeing and hearing his work in other media.

He is warm, generous, versatile and dedicated; precise and considerate in equal measure. His skill-set and the range of his work make him a brilliant guide to anyone wanting to hone their vocal skills, and (crucially) will help them understand the tiny shifts that make all the difference; and which will help them sound more instinctively natural in British English.

Roy McMillan

Audiobook & Radio Drama Producer

I have known Glen for over 20 years as a Voice Actor and he is a consummate professional with the most beautiful voice and diction. He’s also an experienced actor with a wealth of experience and great talent!  

He’s wonderfully calm and kind and generous to work with as well as incredibly supportive.  I have no doubt that anyone who works with him will enjoy it very much, learn a huge amount and have fun as he is a joy to work with.

Candida Gubbins


I’ve worked with Glen on numerous projects and he was the first person I went to when casting for my latest audio-drama series.

My character’s linguistic tone had to be unique yet subtle so Glen was the obvious person to go to, with his vocal range and nuance. I can’t wait to work with him again!

Richard Brandon

Writer and Director

I’m always excited when I see we have a new audiobook for Glen to narrate, for two reasons. He’s a wonderful narrator and an absolute pleasure to work with.

His emails brighten up my inbox and make the process of scheduling recordings and ironing out the details all go smoothly. He undertakes diligent preparation for our audiobooks and will reach out to discuss his queries, helping to make the book the best it can be.

Most importantly, he consistently delivers wonderful, engaging and enjoyable performances. His grasp of characterisation, accents, expression and mood make him one of the best in the business. His enthusiasm comes across in every story and listeners, myself included, love to have him read to us.

Poppy Knight

Audiobook Production Assistant

Glen narrated the audio version of my book, ‘Winning Minds: Secrets from the Language of Leadership’. He did a tremendous job, reading with warmth, depth and emotion and truly bringing my narrative to life. I am so pleased that he is sharing his talents with a wider audience. I’m sure he will help many aspiring leaders find their true voice.

Simon Lancaster

Author & Speechwriter, Bespoke Speechwriting Services Ltd

I was fortunate to have Glen as a wonderful member of the three-hander cast for my musical Counterpoint at The Gatehouse Upstairs in London.

He is totally dedicated to his craft, gives one hundred per cent to both text and songs, has boundless enthusiasm coupled with a deep understanding and expression of the written word and sings beautifully.

He brought the character of Luke to life with his performance and added so much to the production with his teamwork and standard of excellence, and it was a joy to work with him and his positive energy and creative talent.

Shirlie Roden

Composer/Lyricist/Sound Therapist, Bespoke Speechwriting Services Ltd

Glen is one of those (relatively rare!) performers who not only come into the space fully prepared, but who also self-adjusts, quite naturally, throughout the session.

It was immediately apparent to me that he would hit his mark every single time — and he did. Incredibly aware of his own range and abilities, Glen is an absolute joy to direct and executes notes effortlessly. Present, naturally humorous, solid and reliable, I would recommend him without hesitation

Alicia Grace Turrell

Director and Actor

I am Dharmendra Sheth from Surat, Gujarat, India. I have studied, and also taught, phonetics and phonology to non-native learners of English at a local university here.

However, as a non-native user of English, I am always a little unsure about the finer aspects of pronunciation. Luckily I came across your course. I have been learning English pronunciation via your course for more than a month now, and I am about to complete it. I must say your course is immensely helpful to me. It has excellent audio and video quality and ample practice material.

You don't know how much your course has helped me. By just listening to you and copying, my vocal problem has been solved to a great extent. Now I can speak for hours without straining my vocal chords. Plus my English "sounds" English, according to my friends and colleagues!

Dharmendra Sheth

Teacher, fluentlingua.com, Surat, India

I'm from North Pole, Alaska.  I registered for thespeechcoach.pro webinars so that I could improve my British accent for future voice acting gigs and local stage productions.  I have enjoyed the lessons very much!  I include them as part of my vocal warm-ups, when I'm preparing for a stage role or a British character in a novel.  I'm currently narrating the classic British novel "Jane Eyre," by Charlotte Bronte, and I finally have the confidence to record the entire story, using a British accent.  I have recommended this course to all my actor friends.  Thanks, Mr. McCready, for making these webinars available to us lazy-speaking Americans!

Lorri Heneveld

Actor, singer, and audiobook narrator

Glen is the best kind of teacher - passionate and enthusiastic, and he also knows his subject inside out. He really cares about the spoken word and he really cares about the people he teaches. Learning from him was easy; now, instead of feeling lost and at sea, I feel confident and raring to go. Glen is a master of the spoken word, and a wonderful teacher.

Gabrielle Bradshaw

TV Presenter, Artist, Actor

I initially worked with Glen in 2019 as a fellow voice artist, and over time, he has evolved into a trusted colleague and cherished friend. Glen possesses exceptional talent as an actor, characterized by his remarkable warmth and generosity. As a fellow coach, I admire his engaging and lucid teaching style coupled with an extensive understanding of phonetics, voice, and speech. He is genuinely passionate about assisting his students in expressing themselves in the manner they desire to be heard. Any student fortunate enough to learn from Glen will undoubtedly benefit immensely.
Liane-Rose Bunce

Actor and Founder of The London LAMDA Tutor

We had the pleasure of working with Glen McCready on two voice-over projects. He was professional and brought fantastic energy and creative ideas to the multiple roles he played. His remote studio setup worked well and he sounded great! High marks.

James O. Boggs

CEO, Spooler.fm

I've worked with Glen as a fellow actor for over 15 years on numerous audio projects, including radio drama and English as a foreign language material for companies like Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Pearson Education. He is an extraordinarily talented performer and a joy to be with.  He is one of the best vocal coaches I've ever come across, and I would go to him without hesitation for help with any accents needed for a script. 
I have also used his online material when coaching non-English speakers who wanted to fine tune their English speaking and found it an invaluable tool and resource. He explains things clearly, demonstrates in a way that can be easily followed, and is a wonderful teacher who can support and encourage whilst moving you forwards.
Rachel Bavidge

What can TheSpeechCoach.pro do for you?

Acquire a Neutral Standard English (N.S.E.) British accent, as taught for generations to professional speakers – both at U.K. drama schools and in expensive specialist private coaching sessions. Also known as “R.P.” (Received Pronunciation), Dictionary English (because the accent vowel sounds match those as listed in British English dictionary pronunciation guides) and BBC English (because, in days gone by, the BBC rather unfairly insisted on all their broadcasters being able to leave their regional accents at the studio door!).

TheSpeechCourse.pro allows you to add a neutral gear to your speech, an accent which is neither “posh”, nor detectable as coming from a specific region.

You will not permanently lose your own distinctive native accent (unless you choose to). Rather, you will be adding a more neutral and more globally instantly comprehensible accent gear to your vocal artillery.

TheSpeechCoach.pro explains and makes crystal clear – in a user-friendly, fun, informal listen-and-repeat format – voice and speech techniques which, for so many years, have been untaught in general education and remained the exclusive skill set of actors, broadcasters and professional speakers.

TheSpeechCoach.pro is for anybody who wants to understand the practical mechanics of the spoken word, address areas in their voice and speech that they have always wanted to improve and thereby gain the far-reaching and empowering personal confidence that this knowledge invariably brings with it.

This course is a distillation of the extraordinary, top-flight voice and speech training that I received at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts from Caryll Ziegler, Stewart Pearce and Michael Griffiths along with my 20+ years of teaching experience. Without this knowledge behind me, the work I have done and continue to do in the fields of audiobook aeration, video game voice acting, animation, voice overs and more might never have been possible.   

My very first teaching job was when Caryll invited me to cover her classes and so I was briefly acting Head of Voice at Webber D and I have dearly loved all my subsequent teaching and coaching work, returning to it time and again, whenever my acting workload allows it.

All that being said, what can TheSpeechCoach.pro do for you?

Do you want to…

– soften your native accent?

– strengthen your speech?

– improve the tone of your voice?

– never be accused of monotony in your presentations again?

– learn the practical phonetics of the Neutral Standard English/often so-called “RP”/Dictionary English (as in dictionary pronunciation guides) British accent?

– learn what to do (and what not to do!) whenever a VO casting breakdown reads “no regional accents” but also says “no RP!”

– improve your neutral delivery for presentations to global audiences, narrating documentaries, performing audiobooks, acting in video games, theatre productions, movies and more?

– learn practical the International Phonetic Alphabet – thereby removing so much of the confusions caused by unpredictable and illogical English spellings?

– learn how to hear regional accents much more precisely by comparing them first to NSE?

– learn the secrets of “gravitas”?

– learn how to make your spoken word achieve greater impact?

– learn the secrets of voice and speech that drama schools have taught for decades?

– have access to thorough, far-ranging pronunciation and accent drills to give to your ELT students, thereby leaving you free to focus on teaching linguistics and so progress your students far more rapidly?

– learn how to phonetically annotate scripts so that, even in the most searingly emotional sections, you are never in danger of reverting to your native accent and breaking character?

– learn how to annotate audition sides for whenever you are trying out for a “soundalike” job?

– speed up your accent learning skills by first comparing the sounds of whichever accent you wish to acquire with the sounds of the NSE accent – thereby ensuring you neither do too little – nor, crucially – too much?

– learn the accent that David Dimbleby, Maggie Smith, Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Bonneville and many, many more accomplished speakers use with such consummate ease and devastating effectiveness?

– strengthen specific aspects of your voice and speech (e.g. address problems with the “R” sound, sibilance, removing the confusion and reduced impact of not voicing sounds which need to be voiced – plus many, many more tricky areas)?

– remove the chances of future problems or bad habits destroying your confidence or reducing your impact by having lifetime access to your very own “voice and speech maintenance tool kit” available whenever you may need it?

In voice and speech, as so often in life, “knowledge is power”.

TheSpeechCoach.pro allows you to clearly see, hear and improve the mechanics of your voice and speech.

Things that we all too often take for granted, or assume that we could never fully understand because we are neither a trained linguist nor a modern-day Henry Higgins are all made crystal clear, user-friendly and, dare I say it, even fun! (At least, that was always my intention!)

I still find my voice and speech coaching endlessly fulfilling because, despite my knowing and teaching so many of the “tips, tricks & secrets” of the spoken word, these same techniques, when they are expertly or instinctively used by an electrifying speaker, all still work all their spellbinding magic on me. Whenever I hear a riveting storyteller or a masterful public speaker, I am as swept along, enthralled and bewitched as any other member of the audience.

If I want to analyse precisely the techniques they are employing, I always – always! – have to make a gargantuan effort of will in order to switch on my “SpeechCoach ears” to stand even the remotest chance of identifying them! This phenomenon – the ability to mesmerise and move by dint of one’s speaking voice alone – is about as close to a Harry Potter level of magic as most of us are ever likely to come!

“The written word goes from the eye to the brain.

The spoken word goes from the ear to the heart.”

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Accent softening



Correcting a speech impediment



Improving your presentation skills



Boosting your confidence for public speaking



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